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Lee Sobel Literary Agency

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“Lee’s enthusiasm for the work is infectious. I signed with Lee in December 2021, having never written a book before. Within a short matter of months, he got me a deal with Applause Books for my book on the making of High Fidelity. Anyone who knows the industry knows that these things seldom ever come to fruition

that fast. Yet that’s what Lee was able to make happen. I look forward to continuing working together in the future.” - Author Andrew Buss

"As an author you want an agent who’s always out there for you, pounding the pavement — be it digitally or literally — on your behalf. An agent who’ll get you the best deal for the best book with the best publisher. Lee’s procured and shepherded me through multiple fine projects, and, every time, the experience and results have been spectacular. The dude simply lives, breathes, and sleeps — when he does sleep — books. He knows what’s good and he knows what works, especially for the authors he represents. A bulldog, with a soft touch when needed — Lee Sobel is your man." - Author Peter Aaron

"Lee Sobel knows what he speaks. Within less than a week of my submitting a proposal, he sold my manuscript about the TV soap opera Ryan's Hope. If you want a literary agent who is a straight-shooter, goes the extra mile for his clients, and knows how to get a deal done, as well as being a nice guy, Lee Sobel is the agent for you."- Author Tom Lisanti

"When I approached Lee to work together, I didn’t know he would be so proactive and full of ideas. From the first interaction, Lee revealed himself to be full of heart, energy, enthusiasm and feedback. Lee always shows me the respect of reminding me that I’m the author and he isn’t trying to take over my writing or change my voice. As a result, his feedback is well appreciated and always seriously considered. Especially since it is, so often, astute and excellent advice."

- Author Ali Smith

"I had already sold four books without the help of an agent. While pitching my fifth, I signed on with Lee. He got the attention of some high-profile publishers and within two weeks he put a deal together that I never could have imagined. New to the game? Or been around the block a few times? Either way, Lee will make your professional life better! I don’t know about your social life, but your professional life as a writer will be better." - Author Paul Gambino

"Lee reached out to me on social media and the timing was right, but in all honesty I had a very wait-and-see attitude. I didn’t have to wait long. He got me a book deal for something I wouldn’t even have thought to pitch had he not come into my life. There’s a Yiddish expression, 'beshert,' which translates loosely as, 'meant to be.' That’s what I think about my relationship with Lee." - Author Samuel Garza Bernstein


"Lee Sobel is a thoroughly professional and straightforward agent. He approached me following publication of my first book, Waterloo-Making An Epic, and explained his passion for ‘Making Of’ film books. I had an idea and went away and wrote up a proposal. After suggesting a few sensible enhancements, he diligently set about his job. A week or so later, and after some strong negotiating—he made a deal! Fully recommend!” - Author Simon Lewis

"Man, was I lucky to find Lee Sobel, that rare industry figure who 'gets it,' who understands what’s cool and what fits at the intersection of popular culture and literature. More than a literary agent, he’s a mentor, teacher, editor, coach, and artist. When Lee is enthusiastic about a project, you can be sure he’ll make it happen. I am in his debt." - Author Burt Kearns

"I reached out to Lee based on the recommendation of a publisher I had pitched my book to. Within hours of that we were on the phone. Within hours of that I had a 'how to' of what I should do to create a sellable book. About 2 weeks after that I crafted a suitable pitch, and within days of that, Lee had sold my book to a publisher. I thought this process was supposed to be a lot more complicated and dramatic...?" - Author Darren Paltrowitz 

"When I signed on with Lee, I'd never written a book proposal before, but he was extremely helpful at every step of the process. From coming up with a viable idea through giving excellent feedback on my drafts, Lee was patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Within days of sending out that proposal, he got me a contract for my first book deal. Clearly, he knows what he's doing! I can't thank him enough for believing in my work and getting me such an amazing opportunity." - Author Katherine Yeske Taylor


"Lee Sobel is a literary agent who works minor and major miracles. After my agent Michael Hamilburg passed away I was left in freefall until Lee contacted me. I checked him out and decided to take him up on his offer of representation. In short order we came up with a new book idea, he goaded me into a proposal and the next thing I knew, we got a publisher's offer! Talk about your miracles! I highly endorse Lee as both an agent and a mensch, two things the world is in short supply of having." - Author Dwayne Epstein


"Lee Sobel's outstanding dedication shines through the persistence, support, and generosity of his time that he has offered me as one of his clients. His thorough knowledge of the publishing industry and his invaluable guidance and suggestions have taken my career to a new height."

- Author Christopher McKittrick

"Lee Sobel sold my proposal faster than it will take someone to read the book. My accountant and I are equally impressed." - Author Nat Segaloff


"Lee is highly dedicated to his clients and he has enormous energy. He works tirelessly to make his clients and their books successful." - Author Laura Davis-Chanin

"Lee Sobel is an amazingly creative, intelligent and resourceful agent. I've worked with at least four other agents during my eight-book writing career, but Lee tops them all by a long shot." - Author Peter Benjaminson

"Lee Sobel is an outstanding literary agent and shows tremendous respectand support for his clients that is in a class by itself. If you want a literary agent with an unmatched love for what he does -- he is your guy! I have only positive things to say about working with Lee."

- Author Herbie J Pilato

"Lee Sobel is as kind and supportive as he is shrewd. He helps clients shape their book proposals and secures deals with first-rate publishers, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism at all times. He's the best." - Author Stephen B. Armstrong

"All the deals we’ve done have been refreshingly straightforward and if you get to meet him in person, I guarantee you’ll have a blast. I can’t recommend working with Lee highly enough!"

- Book Editor David Barraclough

"Lee is a Renaissance man---truly creative and knowledgeable, great taste,enthusiastic and driven. It's great to work with someone who has his passion." - Book Editor Bernadette Malavarca

“Within three months of opening conversations initiated by agent Lee Sobel,

I had a new book deal. The endorsement speaks for itself.” — Author Steven Blush


“If you are looking for an agent who will champion your work and fight for you, Lee is your man! I’ve worked with agents both in the US and UK, and I never encountered one whose passion, energy and savviness came anywhere close to Lee’s. His enthusiasm and belief in my ideas and my ability as a writer gave me a huge boost, and I will be forever grateful to Lee for letting me realize my long-term passion projects.” - Author Anthony Uzarowski

Lee Sobel Biography:

Born and raised in New York City, the son of a literary agent father and actress mother, Lee started making super 8mm movies at age 14 and publishing a series of sci-fi fanzines. A graduate of NYU's film school, Lee won the Cinemagic Short Film Search award for his thesis film, a take-off on 1940's movie serials and film noirs. He went to work as a development executive in the movie business first in New York and then in Los Angeles, working with screenwriters and scouting books to turn into movies. This led to his first taste of agenting books with the sale of Joseph Eastburn's suspense thriller novel, Kiss Them Goodbye. Moving back to New York in the early 90s, Lee began making films again, directing two one-act plays and his first feature Burnin' Love, which was picked up for distribution by Troma and released as Rockabilly Vampire. Sobel started promoting live music events in 1996 and to date has produced thousands of shows with bands all over the country. To promote his music gigs he began publishing Lo-Fi Magazine, hosted and produced the cable access TV show RETRO TV, appeared on MTV, and directed several more low budget feature films which he released on his own video label (he also produced several records he released on his own music label). In 2016 he founded the Lee Sobel Literary Agency to focus primarily on nonfiction pop culture books, the first of which was legendary New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain's memoirs. To date Sobel has agented approximately 100 books, while continuing to promote hundreds of live music shows a year. He lives in NJ with his wife, two daughters, two dogs and three cats. he can be reached at

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