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Welcome to Greasy Kidstuff Magazine - your home for the movies, TV shows, music, collectibles and more you loved when you were a kid -- & still do! 


My name is Lee Sobel. During the pandemic of 2020, stuck at home that summer,  I had my birthday on July 10 as I always do. Birthdays can't help but bring back memories of childhood for me and as I've never really grown up, thinking about stuff I loved as a kid was the perfect way for me to find solace at a very stressful time. I began posting stuff on Facebook that I loved as a kid -- Saturday Morning TV, sugar cereal with prizes in them, bubblegum they don't make anymore, monster magazines, movies and TV shows I still love from my youth, comic books, baseball cards, action figures, lunch boxes and so on. So, the idea for a website that celebrated all this stuff just seemed like a good way to amuse myself and keep myself sane. I hope you like it too.


When I was a kid I asked my mother, "When I grow up, how can I get back to being a kid again?" I'm a responsible adult with two kids of my own, a mortgage and all that comes with being a so-called "grown up," but, like a lot of people, I'm still a kid at heart and still enjoy lots of things that I did in my childhood and teenage years. 

With this magazine I hope to explore not just the stuff of my youth, but to find out from the artists I admire, what they remember from their childhood and how their younger years may have inspired their career as filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians, etc. 


I'm also a filmmaker and you can find out about movies I directed at: 


and I am also a literary agent and you can check out the FB for my agency at:


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